Mountain Notable
Mountain Notable


The quartet performs most standard jazz tunes, with an emphasis on ballads with some latin jazz added for spice.  Lately, we have been experimenting with many popular songs which we interpret in a more sultry or swing style.  Classic Beatles tunes, even old rock and roll tunes from artists such as Paul Anka, Roy Orbison, or Elvis Presley pop up in our set list.  The group is developing a strong and growing set of original tunes to add some variety and new interest to our performances.  We can accommodate some requests but typically have a pre-planned set list to allow an uninterrupted flow of the music.


Additional Information

This classic composition by Antonio Jobin and Norman Gimbel is an example from the group’s latin repertoire.  It features our vocalist and a bass solo.  (Good speakers will reproduce the sound more accurately)

Meet the Band

Melanie is formally trained in classical piano performance. She is a full-time music educator, which she has been doing for several decades. But she also has a wide range of vocal performance experience , including all types of pop, jazz and folk genres.

Melanie Thompson

Keyboard & Vocals

Dennis spent his early years deeply immersed in music before he turned to venture capital, primarily supporting sustainable energy technologies. Music is now back to his top priority. He serves as the music director and chief organizer for Mountain Notable.

Dennis Costello

Tenor & Soprano Sax

Bob has spent most of his career around music, including consulting and design of software that supports complicated sound systems used in large scale venues. Bob is a member of several groups in the Denver area, playing everything from rock to bluegrass to jazz.

Bob Brown


Jim has been a drummer since his earliest days in grade school. He and Dennis have been friends since playing in junior-high school band together. Jim has a particular skill in listening to the musicians around him and crafting his rhythms to support rather than compete with them.

Jim Forth


Mountain Notables is a new quartet in the Denver area dedicated to smooth yet creative interpretations of jazz favorites and popular tunes in a more jazz style.  Sometimes called “smooth jazz”, our style is perfect for small settings in which the audience can enjoy the music but still carry on conversations over dinner or cocktails.  Our  vocals are easy to relate to and will have your audiences humming the refrains long after the evening is complete.  Although the group consists of only piano, bass, drums and sax, a large variety of sounds are produced as our keyboardist adds vocal lines and our sax man alternates between tenor and soprano sax.    And as a final note, the group performs primarily for their love of the music, making it extremely affordable for smaller venues or private events. We have played for the cocktail hour at many weddings, anniversaries and similar parties but we are not a wedding reception band with lots of upbeat tunes made for a large dance floor.